Olivia Rowlings Dream


One day I had a dream. I dreamt that I built a safe haven, a place of wonder, full of imagination, where children could flourish in a safe, homely environment. A place they couldn't wait to come to every day as they knew they would learn through play, make new friends and grow in happiness.


But like most dreams it stayed in my mind, bringing a smile to my face now and again.

I qualified as a Teacher instead and enjoyed every second of my job. I taught a range of GCSE and A-Level courses including Health and Social Care, Child Development and Psychology, as well as training students to become Nursery Nurses. This diversity of subjects allowed me to watch students enter a range of Child Care careers and I always felt such a sense of pride that my encouragement and love of children had motivated them. It also allowed me to continue with my Masters degree and learn more about child psychology.

Then, in November 2014, something wonderful happened - I became a Mum. I met my little girl, Isla who changed my life in a heartbeat, giving me the strength to pursue my own dream of creating that safe haven.  Why had I ever put it off? I also met an amazing group of new parents that couldn't wait to hear more about these plans and my motivation to turn my dream into a reality was ignited; The Butterfly Patch was born! (In theory!)

I wanted to create a fabulous place for wonderful families and, with a lot of hard work, dedication and another baby later (little Rafey came along in June 2016!) The Butterfly Patch opened its doors and our journey began, through meticulous planning with my brother-in-law and business partner Feyaz. It was the best year, we met hundreds of families and welcomed little ones through our doors every week.


As our nursery got more popular we explored expansion options as my dream became a shared reality. Feyaz sold his other business interest to focus on the more rewarding opportunities that childcare brings to everyone at The Butterfly Patch. Through Feyaz's vision, who describes his curiosity as that of a grown-up child and my experience in education and being a mum, we have continued to bring our fun, creative and family feel to more little ones embarking on their early years journey. Feyaz in his own right had also pushed agenda's in our education practices such as the Curiosity Approach, Reggio Emila and Forest School with the aim of creating awe-inspiring experiences every day.

The love and support we have experienced since opening in July 2016 has been overwhelming and we remain forever grateful for being given an opportunity to teach and nurture so many precious children.

Child Safety


This is our number one priority for your precious little ones (and mine) but we don't want to stifle learning, development, fun and exploration. So you'll find state of the art discreet measures as well as the love and care of our staff to keep everyone safe.

Our Staff

Our most important assets will be trained to a minimum level 2 NVQ and selected for their attention to detail in love and care for your little ones. Each child will be assigned a key member of staff to look after their well-being.


The Butterfly Patch Mentoring Programme


At The Butterfly Patch, we take pride in having a confident, competent and valued workforce that can deliver excellent services for children and families in our local area. We have recently introduced a mentoring programme to ensure our staff are supported in becoming valued and confident in delivering the services that meet our expectations.


Our Mentoring is a developmental partnership in which we share knowledge, skills, information and perspective to foster the personal and professional growth of someone else. Our two-weekly protected meetings will allow us to collaborate, meet goals and problem solve. With our personalised nature of mentoring means, you can decide to learn about topics and issues most relevant to you.


These meetings are about what you can do with the knowledge you already have and what has been shared at the meetings. We can explore, discover and take responsibility for what happens after, ensuring the discussion points are followed. You should feel free to ask any questions, beyond limitations and boundaries and discuss all kinds of scenarios.


The Butterfly Patch recognises the need for flexibility within a mentoring programme, as the context and purpose of programmes will vary and some variability in the mentor role might be expected.


The following fundamental principles will apply to the mentor’s role:

  • Commitment to developing others and to the mentoring process.

  • Respect privacy and confidentiality

  • Commitment to CPD

  • Flexibility and empathy


The role of the practitioner may also vary depending on the context and purpose of the mentoring program but will, in principle, include:

  • Commitment to CPD

  • A desire to learn and progress within the organisation

  • Flexibility

  • Taking responsibility for the success of the mentoring relationship and their own development needs.

  • Showing respect for the time and effort being devoted to them by their mentor and keep their appointments (or re-schedule in advance).

  • Responsive to help

  • Reflective - seeing mentoring as a way of raising self-awareness, learning from experiences.

She's crazy! Two children under 2 and a new business!


Olivia has created something amazing here, we are so glad to be part of it.

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