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Child Safety


This is our number one priority for your precious little ones (and mine) but we don't want to stifle learning, development, fun and exploration. So you'll find state of the art discreet measures as well as the love and care of our staff to keep everyone safe.

Our Staff

Our most important assets will be trained to a minimum level 2 NVQ and selected for their attention to detail in love and care for your little ones. Each child will be assigned a key member of staff to look after their well-being.


The Butterfly Patch Mentoring Programme


At The Butterfly Patch, we take pride in having a confident, competent and valued workforce that can deliver excellent services for children and families in our local area. We have recently introduced a mentoring programme to ensure our staff are supported in becoming valued and confident in delivering the services that meet our expectations.


Our Mentoring is a developmental partnership in which we share knowledge, skills, information and perspective to foster the personal and professional growth of someone else. Our two-weekly protected meetings will allow us to collaborate, meet goals and problem solve. With our personalised nature of mentoring means, you can decide to learn about topics and issues most relevant to you.


These meetings are about what you can do with the knowledge you already have and what has been shared at the meetings. We can explore, discover and take responsibility for what happens after, ensuring the discussion points are followed. You should feel free to ask any questions, beyond limitations and boundaries and discuss all kinds of scenarios.


The Butterfly Patch recognises the need for flexibility within a mentoring programme, as the context and purpose of programmes will vary and some variability in the mentor role might be expected.


The following fundamental principles will apply to the mentor’s role:

  • Commitment to developing others and to the mentoring process.

  • Respect privacy and confidentiality

  • Commitment to CPD

  • Flexibility and empathy


The role of the practitioner may also vary depending on the context and purpose of the mentoring program but will, in principle, include:

  • Commitment to CPD

  • A desire to learn and progress within the organisation

  • Flexibility

  • Taking responsibility for the success of the mentoring relationship and their own development needs.

  • Showing respect for the time and effort being devoted to them by their mentor and keep their appointments (or re-schedule in advance).

  • Responsive to help

  • Reflective - seeing mentoring as a way of raising self-awareness, learning from experiences.

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