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Leaf art 🖼

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Creating leaf art with your little one is a great way to get outdoors – you can visit a local park, forest or simply head into the garden!

It’s a super fun activity for a nice sunny day – perfect for the upcoming bank holiday weekend.

Here is our guide to creating leaf art

You will need:

· Leaves, acorns, twigs, grass, flowers – anything you can find!

· Coloured card (we used recycled kraft card)

· Crayons/pencils/markers

· Craft glue

You can find these materials (except the natural ones, of course) at your local hobby store, supermarket or simply order them from Amazon.

We don’t recommend purchasing googly eyes as these are bad for the environment. Instead, why not either cut or rip up leaves or flower petals to the desired shape/size!

You can enjoy creating funny animals, characters and scenes from the things you find outside.

Simply collect the natural materials and start gluing pieces down to create base shapes.

Once you have this, you can layer up by either drawing or adding materials to create arms, eyes, legs, anything! and Voila! Your own leaf art! 🖼

We've created some leaf art of our own to inspire you (you can find these below).

But we want to see YOUR leaf art!

Send us your amazing creations to or upload them to Famly (if you’re currently with us) to be featured in our crafts gallery!


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