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Why we should all practice self-care

Self-Care is important. We’ve all seen trends on Instagram and Twitter talking about new self-care routines and habits – but what exactly does it mean and why is it important?

Self-care has only recently come to the surface, of course it is not a new concept – it’s just taking care of yourself. This covers mental and physical well-being, doing something which improves how you feel both in body and mind.

However, in today’s faced-paced world – especially if you’re a working parent – we often forget to take the time out to relax and take care of ourselves.

Often finding that taking the perfect Insta shot takes more time than actively working on self-care or relaxing.

Even though it can sound a little corny it is vital we take time out as it has been proven to boost mental and physical health as well as reduce stress and anxiety.

Self-care can take form in a wide variety of ways. This is 100% dependant on YOU!

What relaxes you? What makes you feel better? Or something simple to take care of yourself?

Here are a few ideas:

· Good night’s sleep

· Take a walk

· Take a relaxing bath

· Listen to your favourite music

· Watch your favourite film

· Make a list of 5 things you love about yourself

· Spend time with loved ones

So, whatever your age or gender identity, please find the time to take care of yourself on the regular – we need to actively work to slow down and ensure our mental health is being nurtured.

Post your favourite self-care activities in the comments below!


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