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5 things to do this Bank Holiday Weekend with your little one

5 things to do this Bank Holiday Weekend with your little one

August Bank Holiday Weekend is almost here! It’s the perfect time to recharge, spend time with family and most importantly have lots of fun.

But if you’re stuck on ideas of what to do, we’re here to help!

Here are 5 things to do this Bank Holiday Weekend with your little one.

Toddler in nature

Spend time in nature

Nature is amazing! Spending time outdoors provides fantastic learning opportunities for your little one, all whilst being great for their (and your) well-being.

This Bank Holiday is a great time to slow down and find your local park or forest to explore!

You can keep it simple and just go for a long walk or make it into an engaging activity.

These can include making art from natural materials (by arranging leaves, rocks etc. on the ground), bringing a printed guide to local wildlife and trying to spot as many birds and animals as possible and so much more (click here for inspo).

Click here for some amazing outdoor spaces in South London and Surrey.

Or click here to find your local park.

Child at farm

Head to a farm

We love Farms here at The Butterfly Patch! And it’s not just because animals are absolutely adorable, but they also offer amazing learning opportunities for children.

Children who spend time with animals gain a better understanding and appreciation for living things.

It can also help your little one develop Early Years skills such as communication as they’ll be eager to chat about all the different animals they can see!

Click here to find a farm in London or here to find one in Surrey.

Child in basket

Spend quality time at home

You don’t need to head out to have an amazing time.

Spending quality time at home can be a great opportunity for bonding and learning through amazing activities.

From reading storybooks and making artwork to building forts and putting on amazing plays and shows. The possibilities are endless!

Click here for some inspo.

Child on the beach

Head to the beach

Even if it’s not due to be as warm as it could be this weekend, heading to the beach can still be a super fun and engaging day out!

Just like heading to a park or forest, the beach offers many opportunities for learning and fun.

From natural art (made with shells and seaweed) and wildlife hunts to amazing sensory play – click here for fun beach activities.

And click here for the top beaches to visit in the South of England.

Child with rocket backpack

Go to an event

Finally, the Bank Holiday Weekend is the ideal time to head out and attend a local event!

From fun fairs to markets and music events – there’s something for the whole family.

It’s not just a great way to spend your weekend but attending events also helps your little one develop communication and physical skills as well as helping them better understand (and participate in) the local community.

Click here to find an event near you.

And whilst you’re out and about why not head out for a family meal?! Click here for places where your little one can eat for free (or £1) this summer!


Thanks for reading. Now why not check out more information about our locations by clicking here!

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