frequently asked questions

Why do I need a bat speed measurement device?

Bat speed plays a critical role in determining the success of a hitter. The faster the hitter can rotate the sweet spot of the bat into position, the more time they will have to consider the pitch and the more force they will bring to bear on the ball when they make contact. Trainers, coaches, scouts and others use the bat speed metric to help them assess a hitter's potential, while players use it as a learning tool to improve their swing. The best way to obtain accurate information regarding bat speed is to use the bat speed measuring device - Bat Speed Recon.

Why is Bat Speed So Important?

Bat speed is what separates the pros from the amateurs. Bat speed is widely considered to be the single most important metric when analyzing a hitter’s potential. The faster a hitter is able to rotate their bat, the more time they will have to assess the incoming pitch. This leads to fewer strikes and more balls put effectively into play. In addition, the faster the bat rotates, the more force will be brought to bear on the ball when contact is made, and the greater the escape velocity of the ball off of the bat. Exit velocity is crucial in determining how far the ball travels when solid contact is made. Bat Speed Recon is the best baseball swing analyzer and bat speed measurement device on the market today. It provides instant, scientifically accurate feedback on your bat speed that tells you where you stand while allowing you to track your progress as you train.

How Does it Work?

Bat Speed Recon baseball swing analyzer works by measuring the speed of the bat as it is rotated through the detection field by the hitter during a swing. Bat Speed Recon is not a radar device, it uses infrared LED light pulses that bounce off reflective stickers on the end of the bat to determine bat speed. One of the many great things about Bat Speed Recon is how simple and quick it is to set up. Simply attach the included reflective stickers to the end of your overload, underload and game bats and attach Bat Speed Recon to a tripod. Then set up your tee, place the unit about 18” in front and about 1.5 inches to the side of the tee and turn it on. Enter the number of swings you want to analyze and that’s it! You’re ready to go!

Bat Speed Recon Makes a Major League Difference in Your Swing

Even the most naturally gifted player will benefit from bat speed training. For many, the Bat Speed Recon baseball swing analyzer can make the difference between making the team and watching from the stands by helping to improve the one metric scouts and managers are looking for. Don’t let your big league dreams fail to make it out of the park. Get Bat Speed Recon today and enjoy the same competitive advantage the pros enjoy.