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a little bit of information about us

‘As part of Forest School, I love children to experience the awe and wonder of the natural environment and be curious about their surroundings’ – Simone, Nursery Manager.


At The Butterfly Patch, our ethos is to enrich the lives of children through education experiences, awe and wonder. Their welfare and safeguarding is at the heart of everything we do. We are excited to welcome your little ones to join us on a journey of imagination and learning through play in our child-centred flexible approach. 

Our number one priority is the safety of our little individuals. Of course, we don’t want to stifle their learning development and exploration, but we keep a very close, discreet eye on each of our little ones to ensure everyone is safe and feels comfortable, whilst playing and learning. 


The Curiosity Approach


Our ethos - across all of our nursery settings - is to encourage what we like to call the curiosity approach. This approach offers little one’s fantastic sensory opportunities to learn through real life, natural, holistic objects and thingamajigs! This enables them to use all of their senses to play and explore to further their development, offering great imaginative play opportunities whilst simultaneously promoting recycling, upcycling and reuse.


Each of our nurseries is different – a little unique in the vision of our nursery managers. We believe strongly in giving our teams the freedom to create an environment they feel proud of, as well as aiding in their personal and professional development.


Please see our locations for further information about facilities provided at each nursery.


Every day is an adventure at the Butterfly Patch! Just imagine the possibilities. 


our mission

The Butterfly Patch aims to deliver outstanding care and education for children that will enrich their lives through awe and wonder and instil habits for life that start them on a life-long learning journey. 


We believe that being in & around nature and exploring natural materials enriches children and adults’ lives improving mental and physical well-being. 


A curriculum should more than academic goals. We believe focus on the following are just as, if not more important:

  • Mindfulness

  • Good health 

  • Problem-solving skills

  • The ability to manage risks

  • Imagination and creativity

  • Positive attitudes towards learning


These we believe are the foundation blocks on which successful individuals grow. 


As part of our mission, we always aim to behave as a community. Meaning: we do the right thing, take responsibility for our actions, look after each other and work together by respecting, supporting, listening and understanding.


Through leading by example for our little ones, we partner with local communities, businesses and parents to create positive impact where possible. Supporting families in need, raising money for local causes and by reducing our carbon footprint.


Nurturing the Butterfly Patch family is also extremely important to us. Our family is well supported, their welfare is one of our highest priorities. We offer regular aid in career progression through additional training, empowering our teams to better support our little ones to the best of their ability. 


our learning ethos

Our learning ethos is based on four core values: Environment, Learning, Individualism and Safeguarding. 




By this we mean the learning environment we provide for our little ones. Our nurseries are all different, but all have a focus on making our little individuals feel safe and comfortable. We provide a wide range of facilities at each location to encourage exploration and inspire our little ones to be creative and learn by doing. 




We aim to provide an environment that encourages learning through play and exploration.  We believe learning is a journey of imagination and development – from physical and emotional to communication skills.

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Just like a butterfly, each child is unique. Here at The Butterfly Patch, our staff will work hard to work alongside you in best understanding the needs of your little one. Our wide range of activities is included to support each child’s developmental needs. We will use praise and encouragement continuously to ensure each child is growing in confidence and developing a positive attitude to learning through play. 


All of our rooms have been specially designed to support each stage of your child's development, offering a welcoming, motivating and exploratory spaces. We are proud to offer a high-quality Early Years experience that provides a firm foundation for every child's future success. 

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This is our number one priority for your precious little ones, but we don't want to stifle learning, development, fun and exploration. So, you'll find state of the art discreet measures as well as the love and care of our staff to keep everyone safe.


our team


drawn by one of our little ones

Paige - Director

I started studying within childcare as soon as I left school in 2009. Gained experience through placement which I was at for a solid two years before being employed full-time. I worked through the ranks from student all the way to third in charge. 


In 2015 I moved to Egypt where I worked in a British run nursery, helping to implement the EYFS and sharing my knowledge with local teachers. I returned to the UK in 2016 - back to my original company as a nursery manager. 


In 2018 I found The Butterfly Patch and joined as nursery manager Opening the Croydon nursery. I have overseen 5 of the nurseries during this time supporting the managers and staff to ensure our little ones were achieving, learning but most of all having fun! Unfortunately, we went into lockdown in March 2020. I welcomed my first baby in April 2020 and in May 2020 I became the nominated individual and director alongside Feyaz.


drawn by one of our little ones

Feyaz - Director

I’m Feyaz, one of the directors here at The Butterfly Patch.


I am always one of the first to admit that I’m not from an education background, however, we all started learning somewhere and continue to learn every day! I like to learn through new experiences and being inspired by people, environments and … stuff, things and dooberries – which I believe had led me towards thoroughly enjoying and engaging in what I do, allowing me and the team to create enabling learning environments and allowing operations of the business to focus on the needs of our children and families. 


Aside from work, I participate in an extreme 4x4 car rally called Rhino Charge in Kenya annually and our team has raised over $500,000 for conservation and remote communities.


drawn by one of our little ones

Katie W – Senior Manager, Hampton Court and Cobham

My career in childcare began shortly after my first child was born in 2014. As I was introduced to the nursery environment, alongside caring for my own young family, my passion soon grew. I realised that creating a nurturing and educational setting was what I wanted to achieve. I applied this passion and knowledge, which enabled me to progress in my career and take a leadership role in building a solid team around me. I take pride in teaching others and being steady support within the nursery.However, providing experiences and opportunities which allow my team to shine through and succeed is my main goal. 
I am incredibly passionate about consistency and creating a smooth transition between home and nursery, so working with parents and making the environment feel like a home from home is a priority. It makes me smile at the end of each day to see our little ones leave with muddy wellies, full tummies, happy faces, and often singing their favourite nursery rhyme. In fact, my team go this way too!


drawn by one of our little ones

Chelsea - Area Manager

My early years' career started in 2013 in Egypt, where I was a nursery practitioner in Sharm el-Sheikh British school.

In 2014 I became a preschool apprentice, I had 15 key children, 6 of which has Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND), so I had to work closely with outside agencies and local authorities. This experience helped me gain experience and knowledge around SEND and ASD - I found a passion in this.

Determined and due to career progression within the company, I completed my course in a year. I soon became room leader for the baby room overseeing 15 babies and 5 members of staff. In April 2018, I started my job with The Butterfly Patch again as Deputy and baby room lead. In June 2020, after returning from lockdown 1.0, I was promoted to Area Manager for our London nurseries.


drawn by one of our little ones

Kira - Nursery Manager 


I'm Kira, the nursery manager at our Sutton nursery. I've worked within childcare since I was 18 years old but have been with The Butterfly Patch since we first opened in 2016. 

Since then, I've worked my way up into management by working at our various locations. 


Children have always been a passion of mine, I love to help them learn and watch them grow, it's very rewarding to see them develop over the years.


I'm actually a mum of two myself and both of my little ones have attended nursery at The Butterfly Patch!


drawn by one of our little ones

Seema - Nursery Manager 


I have been working with children for over 20 years, starting out as an apprentice and working my way through to nursery manager. During this time, I have qualified as a Nursery Nurse (0 to 5 years), and I have completed a BA (Hons) in my Early Years. I have worked both UK and abroad and have a passion for seeing the children strive. 

I believe that all children deserve to have a safe, enabling environment to learn and grow in. This is what we strive every day to provide here at the Butterfly Patch. 

Outside of work, I love to bake, I am the Youth Department Leader of The Healing Church of God in Christ in Paddington and I've recently started to cycle (when the weather is good).


drawn by one of our little ones

Simone – Nursery Manager Lower Morden

I am Simone, the Nursery Manager at Lower Morden, and I had recently joined in August 2020. I have worked within the Early Years and Education Sector for over 20 years and recently left Bromley Council as an Early Years Improvement Quality Officer. I have undertaken many early year roles within the UK and abroad, such as America and Greece, to name a few. 

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and travelling. I enjoy working with children and have a great desire to see them achieve the best possible start in life. Children are born ready and eager to learn, and I enjoy being part of their journey. As part of Forest School, I love children to experience the awe and wonder of the natural environment and be curious about their surroundings.