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5 tips for preparing your firstborn for their new sibling

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Whether you’re thinking about having another baby or have one on the way, you may be wondering how your firstborn will adjust to the change and how to best introduce them to the idea.

It’s only natural that your little one might feel a bit left out or upset knowing they won’t be mummies or daddies only child once they find out.

This doesn’t mean they want warm to the idea – especially if you get them involved with the preparations! Here are 5 tips for preparing your first born for their new sibling to make it a positive experience.

Make a special announcement to them

Telling your little one that you’re expecting another baby can seem nerve-wrecking, but if you approach it in the right way, you’ll have nothing to worry about!

Creating a special announcement that gets them involved is a great way of doing this.

For example, you could throw a mini party with plenty of their favourite foods, games and decorations and revel it to them during this.

You can then tell them they’re soon going to have a little brother/sister who they can do this with.

You could even give them a small gift that they’ll be able to share with their new sibling. This could be a game they play together when they’re older.

Allow them to pick decoration for the nursery

If you’re planning on decorating your nursery before your little one arrives, it’s good for your little one to help you with it!

If your child is too young to do any painting, you could get them involved in other ways. For example, once you have narrowed down a few options of paints/wallpapers, ask them which one they like better and go with it.

If your child loves drawing/painting, you could even have them create a special picture for the new-born that you can hang in the nursery.

As you will most likely be spending quite a lot of time in the nursery preparing/organising/decorating it’s important you get your child involved in the process as much as possible.

It is likely to make them happier about the change and make it an exciting process.

Get them involved in the naming process

Thinking of a baby name isn’t always easy. Lots of parents come up with a few options so they can see which suits their new-born best once they are born.

If you’re struggling for a first or middle name or you can’t pick from a couple, why not get your little one to help?

They’re bound to come up with some and even if you’re not too keen on them, you’re still spending time with your child and getting them involved in the process.

Read them stories about other siblings

There are sure to be periods of uncertainty for your child about having a new sibling, even if they seem to be excited in general.

To help ease their worries and show them how fun it can be to have a brother or sister, read them stories about siblings!

Whether it’s about fun sibling adventures or ideas for playtime, it’s sure to get them more enthusiastic.

To make it more personal, you could have a look for books that personalise character names to match your child’s name - so they feel extra special and relate with the character even more.

Let them choose a gift for the baby’s arrival

Letting your child select a gift for the baby’s arrival can be a great initial bonding experience, especially when they choose something that your new-born can hold onto for years, like a cuddly toy or blanket.

So, next time you head out to the shop why not take your little one with you? Head over to the new-born section so you can be sure anything they choose will be suitable.

If you’ve already decided on a name, you can have them choose a personalised gift e.g., a blanket with the baby’s name embroidered on it.

In summary, ease your child’s nerves or potential jealousy about a new sibling by getting them involved as much as possible.

By giving them responsibilities and getting their opinions, they’re sure to feel much more valued and excited to meet their new sibling.


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