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Parent Guide: Illness at Nursery

It's that time of year again, and as the seasons change, we’re seeing signs of runny noses and sniffles.

At The Butterfly Patch, the health and well-being of children is our top priority and we understand illness can be a challenge for parents.

Below we are sharing some insights about how we handle sickness at the nursery.

Letting us know if your little one is unwell

Open and honest communication between parents and nursery staff is vital in maintaining a healthy environment for all children.

If your little one is feeling unwell, please inform us as soon as possible.

This helps us take appropriate measures to ensure their well-being while preventing the spread of illness to others.

Unfortunate but necessary measures

We understand that your lives are busy, with work and other commitments.

However, if your child has been given Calpol, Calprofen, or generic alternatives to reduce their temperature, it's crucial to keep them at home for their safety and the well-being of others.

Children's health can change quickly, and one-on-one care is needed to monitor and attend to their needs effectively.

Bringing an unwell child to nursery risks not only their health but the health of other children.

No one wants their child to get sick, and we're sure you wouldn't want someone else's sick child to make your little one unwell.


Fevers are very common in young children, their temperature typically returns to normal within 3 or 4 days.

But it’s important to understand fevers to know what is and isn’t cause for concern. You can click here for the NHS guide to fevers.

Firstly, we ask to not come into the nursery when your little one has a fever. Bringing a child with a fever to nursery risks not only their health but the health of other children and our nursery staff.

Coming into nursery can also lead to your little one’s condition worsening. In the worst cases, a high fever can lead to convulsions, drowsiness and other symptoms, at which point your little one will need to seek medical help.

When your little one becomes ill at nursery

In the event that your child becomes unwell while at the nursery, our experienced staff will promptly contact you or your designated emergency contact.

It's crucial to ensure your child's swift return home so they can receive the care they need.

We'll also administer first aid, and if necessary, seek further medical assistance from hospitals or doctors. Rest assured that your child will have our full attention and care until you arrive.

If we contact you to collect your child, we kindly request that you pick them up as soon as possible.

In situations where you cannot arrive within 90 minutes, we may ask your emergency contact to collect your child to ensure their well-being.

We deeply value the trust you place in us to care for your children.

Our top priority is providing a safe and healthy environment for all the children at The Butterfly Patch.

By following these guidelines, we can work together to protect your little ones and prevent the spread of illnesses.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. If you have any questions or concerns please chat with the nursery manager.


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