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7 Bonfire night activities your little one will love

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Remember, remember the fifth of November. Who doesn’t enjoy bonfire night?!

Whether it’s community bonfires, the amazing firework displays or delicious themed foods like bonfire toffee – there’s something for the whole family!

For younger children who won’t necessarily understand the fun of bonfire night, a great way to get them excited for the event is with some fun activities.

We’ve picked out some of our favourites, all ideal for under 5s! From making your own fireworks in a jar to bonfire art! Check them out:

Firework Display in Jars

Make an amazing firework display in a jar with your little one using this great NDNA activity guide!

Click here to check out the guide.

Handprint Campfire

Make cute bonfire art with this easy activity. All you need is paint and your hands – simple, fun and a great learning opportunity.

Click here to check out the guide.

Fingerprint Firework Craft

Another great activity that can be used for various occasions. Finger painting is a great way to explore the colours and movement of fireworks without the noise.

Click here to check out the guide.

How to Make ‘Milky’ Fireworks

This Canadian activity is perfect for colour play! You can make your own beautiful fireworks in a tray.

Click here to check out the guide.

Cupcake Liner Fireworks

This 4th of July inspired activity again works perfectly for Bonfire night – your little one can craft their own fireworks whilst developing their hand-eye coordination skills.

Click here to check out the guide.

Salt Fireworks Craft

Salt painting is one of our favourites! It offers so many learning opportunities and is quick and easy to set up. Your little one can learn about shapes, colours and develop their skills with this super fun craft activity.

Click here to check out the guide.

Bonfire Night Firework Printmaking

This awesome printmaking activity is perfect for this weekend! Your little one can play with different colours and textures by using string and cardboard to make their own firework art.

Click here to check out the guide.


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