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5 ways you can celebrate pride with your little one

We all know Pride events, parades and discussions aren’t always the most appropriate for children – the topic can be difficult to explain to a pre-schooler.

Especially when looking at civil rights, gay culture and its history.

However, support, awareness and celebrating Pride is important – even if you’re not a member of the LGBTQ+ community. It’s all about acceptance, family and support.

It can be celebrated to its fullest without addressing the info you’d rather avert with your little one – here are some ways to explain this and activity ideas!

1. Educate your child on Pride month

As mentioned previously this topic can be a little difficult to discuss with a younger child.

It is important for a young person to learn and understand about the history of Pride (which you can read about here), however only when you feel they are old enough to understand this and when you are comfortable in doing so.

Before that time, focus on learning about support, acceptance of all people and shining a spotlight everyday heroes!

Alternatively, you and your child can look at and learn about the amazing work LGBTQ+ charities do! Our top three picks are:,,

2. Support LGBTQ+ art and businesses

There are so many LGBTQ+ businesses, artists and musicians in London and the surrounding area – click here for a list!

Supporting them is a great way to contribute and you can visit stores and look at Pride art with your little one (please check for your local COVID-19 restrictions before travelling).

3. Celebrate Pride at home

Throw a dance party, eat rainbow cake, make and hang your own Pride flags, and zoom family and friends!

Celebrate support and inclusivity at all ages, with any identity or ethnicity.

4. Read

There are a wide range of books written by members of the LGBTQ+ community discussing Pride in a child-friendly way. A list article of our best picks is coming soon!

5. Get crafty

Make rainbow flags, rainbow themed art and other colourful craft projects!

There are so many fun crafty things you can do. Again, an article with some ideas will be coming soon!

Hope this has given you some ideas to celebrate Pride with your little one! More ideas and activity step-by-steps coming throughout the month.


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