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7 activities to keep your little one cool this summer

Summer is in full swing!

And that’s our queue to recommend our favourite activities to keep your little one cool whilst having fun and developing their early year's skills this summer.

So here are our top 7 picks, from creative to sensory play and even an amazing science experiment!

Frozen flowers sensory ice play

This activity is great for keeping your little one cool and something we absolutely love in our nurseries. All you need are some flowers, water and small pots or ice cube trays.

Simply place flowers and water in a small pot or ice cube tray and freeze overnight, the next day put them under warm water till the flowers start to pop out and let your child explore.

Don’t have flowers? Just use leaves or herbs!

Click here for the full guide.

Ice Smashing

This one requires a bit more supervision – it’s exactly what it sounds like, your little one will be smashing ice - with a real hammer!

For this, you simply need to pop some small items in a bowl of water and again freeze overnight. The next day let your child try to ‘rescue’ the frozen items.

Click here for the full guide.

Bubble Snake Blower

Everyone loves bubbles! You and your little one can make your own bubble snakes with this cheap and easy DIY bubble blower.

All you need is a plastic bottle, an old sock, an elastic band and a bubble mixture in a bowl (washing up liquid and water) and you’ve got your very own bubble blower!

Click here for the full guide.

Water Gun Painting

Prepare to make a real mess with this water gun painting activity! It’s exactly what it looks like so be sure to use washable paint and don’t dress your little one in their best clothes.

Top tip: why not ‘spray paint’ a brightly coloured t-shirt together to make a one-of-a-kind top!

Click here for the full guide.

DIY Paper Fans

This is quite a structured activity so may require more supervision, but your little one can go crazy with the decorations!

To make your own paper fan you will need A4 coloured paper, a glue stick, a marker and a rubber band.

Click here for the full video guide.

Ice Cube Painting

This activity is quite similar to the first one we listed but instead of digging to find flowers your little one can use the ice cubes to get painting!

This is another fun, but messy activity so be sure to use washable paint and dress your child in clothes you don’t mind getting ruined.

The guide also suggests placing an ice lolly stick into the water-paint mix before freezing so your little one can hold it more easily once frozen.

Click here for the full guide.

Fizzy Watermelon Experiment

Simple experiments like these are a great way to get your child interested in science.

For this super fun activity, you will need a hollow watermelon (you can also use a bowl or container), baking soda, vinegar and optionally food colouring.

Mixing baking soda and vinegar will create a super cool erupting watermelon your little one will love!

Click here for the full guide.


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