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7 cheap and easy ways to have a magical summer with your little one!

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

The sunny weather has finally returned! Let’s make the best of it with these awesome activity ideas – check these out below.

Go on a 'painted rock' treasure hunt – or decorate your own pebbles!

This activity is super simple and incredibly cheap - all you need is some paint and paintbrushes!

You’ll also need to gather some rocks – you might be able to find these in your garden or at a local park.

Your little one can have great fun decorating these with some paint.

You can then hide these around the home, garden or in the park for a magical treasure hunt!

Go bounty hunting for strawberries and raspberries

Strawberry farms are a super fun and quite affordable! You will only pay for the amount you buy, so it’s a super fun adventure for your little one that doesn’t break the bank.

Here are the local farms:

Cool off with some frozen dinosaur eggs

All you need for this activity are some mini dino (or animal) plastic toys, balloons, and water!

You will need to: put the toy inside of the balloon, fill it with water and freeze! This typically takes 24 hours.

The next day, take out your frozen balloons, cut off the balloon plastic and let your little one get excavating! This is best done in a tray or outdoors to limit the mess…

To get creative you can also add food dye to the water before freezing, making funky coloured eggs!

Go on a mammoth park crawl

This is a mission to visit as many parks as you can in one day! Go to one park, play for 15 minutes, then drive or cycle to the next one.

This is a super fun and exhausting activity for a sunny day!

You can find your local parks by clicking here.

Become a nature detective

Head outdoors! Take a walk through a woodland. Before you go downloads the Woodland Trust's British tree identification app (available on iPhone and Android).

It helps you identify UK trees by leaf, flower, fruit, or bark.

Use this to find as many types of trees as possible!

You can also visit the Woodland Trust website for more awesome activity ideas!

Glamp in the garden

Got a garden and feel like doing a bit of camping? For all the fun and almost zero the cost, camp out in your garden (if your garden is a safe space)!

You can set up a makeshift campsite with a torch, chairs, rugs, and cushions. Then, why not glam it up with some bunting and fairy lights!

Complete the experience by roasting marshmallows or smores over a barbecue.

Make use of free colouring pages and treasure hunts

The internet is your friend, particularly if you’re stuck inside on a rainy day… and we know these are on their way… again.

There are hundreds of free resources you can download to keep your little one from getting bored.

If you have a printer, check out the links below for some colouring activities and scavenger hunts:


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