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8 Ways to Keep Your Little One Entertained on Long Journeys

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

It’s almost the Bank Holiday Weekend! A perfect time to go away with the family or for day trips!

With the potential of longer road trips this weekend, here are 8 ways to keep your little one entertained on long travel journeys.

1. Say yes to screen time

Although it might not sound the best to boost your child screen-time, in the case of long road trips you can afford to make an exception.

Turn screen time into a positive and productive activity by downloading educational games, videos, and puzzles to keep them mentally stimulated and occupied – two birds with one stone!

2. Arm yourself with snacks

The phrase ‘I’m hungry’ is up there with the other most common ‘are we there yet?’…

Use snacks to break up the journey, as a rewards for good behaviour or make snacking a creative activity (best to use dry snacks for this one)!

3. Put a movie on

Films are definitely a favourite for keeping children’s boredom at bay.

Give into Netflix and transform your car (or train if you’re using public transport) into a portable cinema! This way, time will fly for your little one.

4. Take plenty of pit stops

If you are planning to spend a long time on the road, it is so important to schedule regular breaks for yourself and your child.

Sticking to a rigid schedule is not necessary but make sure you take time as a family to get some fresh air outside.

Let your little one have a say too! This will make them feel as though their input during the driving route matters and will also help avoid tantrums!

5. Have their favourite toys on hand

Stash toys in the car! Whether its books, activities or plushies – try to cover all bases and stash as much as possible to keep your child busy.

6. It’s time to nap

Scheduling naps to fall during travelling time is another great way to break up the journey.

Arm yourself with blankets, car cushions and favourite soft toys – it might also be worth investing in some car window blinds to block out the daylight on sunnier days.

7. Play road trip bingo

Road trip bingo can be extremely effective at keeping your little one entertained. Come up with a list of things to spot before you get into the car.

Similarly, you can also pick something to spot, whoever spots it first can then pick the next item that has to be found.

8. Carpool karaoke

A singalong can make time fly by! Family favourites can also allow you to bond with your child whilst keeping them entertained.

By letting your little one temporarily take control of the music and put together a playlist will get them vested in the road trip ahead of time.


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