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9 of our favourite spring-inspired activities to try this weekend

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Spring is finally here! And that’s our queue to recommend some fun and interesting spring inspired activities.

So here are our 9 top picks. These include sensory play, creative activities, science experiments and so much more that will help your little one develop their Early Years skills.

Butterfly stamp art

Create awesome butterfly artwork with this sponge printing activity guide.

It’s great for a fun and easy weekend activity that will help your little one develop skills such as fine motor movements, communication and more!

Click here to check out the full guide.

DIY pinecone bird feeders

Do your part to protect the environment and have great fun by creating your own bird feeders.

This activity guide is amazing for so many reasons. Not only is this quick and easy to make but also a great chance to introduce your little one to the importance of being eco-friendly and sustainable.

Click here to check out the full guide.

Spring themed sensory bottle

Sensory play is amazing! It’s all about allowing your child to explore things using all the senses, making activities that allow for learning more fun and engaging (click here for our full guide to sensory play).

This sensory bottle is a super fun way to get started.

Click here to check out the full guide.

Seed germination

Teach your little one all about how to plant seeds and how the germination process works with this super easy activity.

It’s another fantastic opportunity to introduce them to how to live more sustainably.

Click here to check out the full guide.

Flower hunt

This one is ideal for preschool aged children -it’s all about learning more about the environment around them.

The guide comes with a printout that will help you and your little one identify different plants whether that’s in a local park or even in your garden – perfect for a sunny afternoon!

Click here to check out the full guide.

Playdough flowers

Playdough is great stuff for early years – it offers an awesome sensory experience. But the branded stuff is expensive and bad for the environment.

So why not make your own for this activity, all you need is: flour, water, oil, salt and optionally food colouring!

Mix it all together and you’ve got your very own playdough that will keep for a few weeks (be sure to wrap it up when done and pop it in the fridge to keep for longer).

You can then use it for this super fun flower craft guide alongside some spare buttons and crafting materials.

Click here to check out the full guide.

Spring themed sensory play tray

We <3 sensory trays!

They are all about allowing your little one to use all of their senses in playtime – you can then discuss the different items, textures and how many there are.

This will help them develop their communication and math skills whilst having a great time.

Click here to check out some inspo to make a spring inspired sensory tray.

Raising butterflies

This one requires a few more specific items, but you can get all of these easily on Amazon – and who wouldn’t want to raise their own butterflies!

It’s a really amazing activity allowing your little one to a) have temporary ‘pets’ (guide coming soon) b) learn more about and appreciate nature and c) practice and develop additional skills like language and communication.

Click here to check out the full guide.

Flower petal collage

Head outdoors with your child to collect flower petals and leaves, they make for really good natural crafting materials!

Wether they use them in a collage, dip them in paint and use to make stamp art or even as natural confetti.

Petals and leaves have so many amazing uses and even collecting them can be fun, you can use this as an opportunity to talk about different types of flowers and teach your little one more about nature and conservation.

Click here to check out the full guide.


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