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A Call to Action: Women's Health Strategy Survey

The department of Health and Social Care recently announced that they are seeking views to inform the development of the government’s Women’s Health Strategy.

This strategy will work to develop education, health care and workplace legislation in order to improve the quality of life for women in the UK. This stems from a study finding that women spend around over a quarter of their lives in ill health or disability, compared with around one fifth for men.

Here at The Butterfly Patch, we believe that every voice, no matter how little should be heard. So, when we were made aware of this survey, we knew we had to write this call to action.

To gather responses, the department of Health and Social Care has released a survey (this is open to everyone over 16) – asking for suggestions, past experiences and any other further information you may have that can help inform this strategy.

If you identify as female, have heard of any past experiences or have any suggestions please follow the link below to complete this.

It only takes 10 minutes to complete and will help to influence women’s health, education and workplace legislation for years to come.

For more information click here.

To complete the survey, click here.


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