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A guide for school readiness

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Is your little one ready to start school in September? Use our handy steps to help prepare for primary school!

- Communication, Communication, Communication

Once your child’s place is confirmed, start talking about it with your little one.

Let them know the name of the school, the teachers and any further information you have, so they can begin to process the big life change.

- Sitting still, paying attention

Is your little one prepared to sit down for 10-15 minutes to listen and engage with others?

Take time to sit down with your child a few times during the holidays and make sure they are prepared for carpet and circle time.

Doing this will ensure they know what to expect when the time comes, they will also be able to engage and learn more effectively.

- Toilet training

If your child isn’t fully toilet trained or still has accidents, make sure you mention this to their teacher.

Also remember to pack spare underwear in their school bag, so they don’t feel embarrassed or have to be wet all day if an accident happens.

Make sure that your child knows how to wipe properly and pull up their pants. Teach them to flush the toilet, wash their hands etc. so that they know what to expect once school begins.

- Name recognition

They might know their name by sound, but are they able to recognise it on paper?

Before school begins, get them familiar with how it looks on paper and help them practice writing it down themselves.

They don’t have to do it perfectly, just how to hold a pencil properly can be very helpful.

Don’t worry if they can’t do this by the time school starts, reassure them that they will be able to do this soon.

- Practice the school run

Your child is going to wonder what school will be like when they arrive and what they will get up to during the day.

A good way to make sure this isn’t too overwhelming on the day is during the summer, practice the journey into school.

This will get this excited about starting and get them used to the new routine.

- School uniform

A school uniform will most likely be a very new idea for your little one! Why not make this into a fun and exciting activity?

Make sure you don’t buy it too early as they might grow out of it by September but before the term begins make sure you try it on (and their P.E kit) together.

This will make them more comfortable with the idea for wearing a uniform and prepare them to change in and out of clothes when needed to at school.

- Relax!

Make sure the first few mornings are as relaxed as possible. Have everything set out and ready so you’re not rushing around in the morning.

Make time to take ‘first day of school’ photos and get to the school nice and early.

It can be really exciting picking them up after the first day ends but remember to not bombard them with lots of questions.

Your little one will be tired and still processing the day.

- It’s a change for you as well

This can be a really difficult time for you as well. Especially if this is your first child going to primary school.

The house might feel rather quiet, so don’t forget to give yourself a little self-care.

Make the most of the quiet time. Maybe you can keep busy with longer hours at work, pick up a new hobby or project.

You can also get to the school gates early and get to meet and chat with some of the other parents. Remember, they’ll be in the same situation as yourself!


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