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A Week at Morden

Updated: Jul 22, 2021


Firstly... WHAT A MORNING WE’VE HAD! We set off with nets, buckets, and bug catchers in hope that the trenches near Charlie's house (the friendly ghost) had water with aquatic life.

Before getting there, we found a ditch on the field that we covered with cut grass, which the children transported using hands and buckets. We then began to bury each other in even more grass! After this, we went to the trenches, but unfortunately there was no water.

At this point we decided to go to the Far Far away land. With nets we decided to catch butterflies, children learned how to collect them carefully, not hurting them and releasing them when done.

We also saw plenty of dragonflies which excited the children, we also found white butterflies with black spots. A wonderful session!


Holistic Friday! We set off for a long walk all the way up the racetrack hill to a spot between ‘Mt Morden’ and Charlie's house (our ghost friend).

Along the way, we participated in distance training. From a safe distance we ask children to follow whilst we continue walking. This usually works unless whatever engaged them takes priority.

Either way - they are independently engaging with the forest which is exactly what we want. On arrival, we placed sticks in the ground and gathered grass from a nearby grassland. Children initiated percussion with the pots. They enjoyed connecting the pots, placing the pots on top of the standing sticks, and hitting them.

Some played with the cut grass, covering themselves and others also using it to fill the pots and others were free flowing between activities. All in all - this was holistic development where children were free to make choices, encompassing past activities that we have done. A joy to watch.

Monday Today we set course to the plank of ‘Dragon's toilet’ (DT). The plank is a fallen tree that bridges over the river to DT.

Some children independently kneeled by the edge of the river and others engaged as they saw fit, whilst we slowly made our way to DT.

Once there, children showed how keen they were to climb into the water.

They had to climb up the step off the ledge, sit down whilst holding my hands, then scoot themselves forward into the water. Children were encouraged to climb up to the top of a muddy hill, then slide down. When they all had a go, we played in the river.

Some children threw rocks up the hill and watched as they came tumbling down.

Others picked up stones and splashed them and some simply wanted to adventure. Whilst they played.

To get back, children held our hands and were encouraged to use their legs to walk up the wall.


Rain... what a surprise! As you know, we use the weather to our advantage. We sought after puddles and played with sticks, pots and metal utensils.

Children initiated play without prompt, remembering past activities. Pouring water from one pot to another, collecting rocks in pots, splashing, and dropping rocks into the water.

We then entered a dense part of the woods to continue our play. We were amongst wet soil so children could dig efficiently. We found plenty of worms and some children held them in their hands using the open palm technique. Today, children experienced the contrast between wet and muddy play, creature comforts and a variety of materials and textures, also connecting different materials together to create new contraptions.


Our destination was cave 4 (quite the walk).

Along the way, there is a gentle, slippery slope leading down to the river. We modelled steady walking and said this was a ‘no running area’. After viewing their efficiency, we allowed sticks to be thrown into the water. Children seemed to enjoy this thoroughly. We went to leave but some showed genuine upset toward this... so we stayed to continue their enjoyment.

Children clambered up and down the slope, collecting sticks and throwing them. Non-walking children were assisted in their climbs but showed interest mostly when throwing sticks.

Children used large sticks to stir and hit the water and even gathered natural resources for staff and their non-walking peers! Well done little adventurers!


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