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Activity: Painting with Everyday Items

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

You can do amazing things with everyday items! You don’t need to buy purpose made

supplies like stamps or activity packs.

Be inspired by the things around you!

Grab whatever you have – a can, fork, lid or just about anything else and join us with this awesome stamp painting activity!

You will need:

- Everyday items – we found a fork, some leaves, a chopstick, and cork

- Paint – any kind, we used acrylic

- Paintbrush (optional)

- Paper or card – we used recycled Kraft paper

Simply spread the paint (we used a paintbrush, but you can just dip) over the surface of your item/s and stamp it on paper or card!

You can then use markers, additional paints or more stamps to add shapes and details to make incredible pieces of art.

Here are some we made to inspire you!


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