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Activity: Raised Salt Painting

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Raised Salt Painting?! What even is that?!

Raised salt painting is a super easy way to get super creative with your little one.

In summary, it’s sticking down some salt and painting it to create a wonderful 3D effect on paper! Sounds easy right?

But it's not just easy, it’s super fun too!

You will need:

- Salt

- Paint – any water based, we used acrylic

- Paintbrush

- Craft glue

- Paper or card - we used recycled Kraft paper

To create these wonderful paintings, first draw a design with glue.

Then sprinkle over with salt – make sure all glue is fully covered.

Shake off the salt (we used Tupperware to help with this messy step!)

Next, water down your paint and tap it on the areas you want coloured with your brush. This will spread on both sides like magic!

And TA DA! You have an amazing, raised salt painting!

Here are some we’ve made to inspire you.


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