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Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Week - raising funds for ECHO

This week The Butterfly Patch are taking part in Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Week (7th - 14th Feb).

On Tuesday, Feb 14th our nurseries will take part in Wear Red Day, supporting Nadine, Greg and Baby Leo in raising funds for ECHO (click here to find out more).

Nadine explains:

"This week is congenital heart disease week and an opportunity to raise awareness of fantastic organisations including Evelina Children’s Heart Hospital (ECHO).

"Last month, my husband and I were introduced to ECHO during our 14 month year old Leo’s hospital appointment at Evelina hospital in London.

"During this appointment, doctors found an abnormality in his heart which occurred during his development. Leo has something called “Aortic Stenosis” - narrowing of his main artery in the heart due to an abnormal aortic valve. At some point during childhood he will require his first open heart surgery and will need life time monitoring at Evelina hospital.

"ECHO, have already helped us come to terms with this news and equipped us with information and emotional support. ECHO will be key to supporting us through each chapter ahead alongside many other families across the UK.

"We are also so grateful for Claire Smith and team at the Hampton Court who are working with us to monitor Leo and enable him to enjoy all the wonderful learning and development activities with fellow nursery pals!

"Please join us in helping to raise awareness of this fantastic organisation by wearing red on Friday 14th February! Any donations to ECHO would be greatly appreciated via our Just Giving page.

"ECHO is funded solely by donations and doesn’t receive funds from the NHS/Gov.

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

You can click here to see their Just Giving Page - there you can read their story, donate and spread the word!


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