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Crazy Hair Day - Nov 17th 2022

The Butterfly Patch nurseries will be taking part in Crazy Hair Day on November 17th, 2022!

This is to raise awareness and funds for The Little Princess Trust.

The children (and adults!) will be encouraged to come into the nursery with crazy hairdos and wigs. We ask parents to donate just £1 per child to participate in this amazing fundraiser.

Crazy Hair Day is all about supporting Frankie, one of the mums at The Butterfly Patch, who is getting involved by donating her hair to The Little Princess Trust.

Frankie explains: “During Lockdown most of us were forced into not having our hair cut and that is where my growing hair for The Little Princess Trust journey began.

“The Little Princess Trust is a charity that provides nearly 2,000 wigs each year and is also one of the most significant charity funders of childhood cancer research in the UK.

“It costs the charity £550 to provide one young person with a wig but even £150 will pay for a professional wig fitting (which I am close to achieving so far!). It can also take 6-9 hair donations to complete one full wig.

“The charity has the greatest need for hair donations of 16 inches plus to give young children the choice of a longer style. So, I have persevered these last few years and have now reached the length of 20 inches to donate to the charity.

“I, myself suffered from hair loss at the age of 15 during my recovery from Peritonitis which resulted in me losing 60-70% of my hair. At the time of losing my hair, I was fortunate that I had a lot of hair to start with and was able to be put on medication which I responded to immediately. This slowed down the hair loss and other symptoms.

“But I still remember the confidence I lost having my hair fall out and particularly when the hair growth was obvious. Being a teenager, the last thing you want to feel is different!

“Now as an adult, I consider myself very lucky that I responded to medication and that my hair did grow back - so if I can help the charity by giving just one person a smile after the difficult journey they are on then, it’s made it all worth it and more!

“So, this is where you and my child’s friends can help me on this journey.

“I want to not only donate my hair I have been growing but I too want to raise as much money as I can to support my hair donation.

“Therefore, I have asked Butterfly Patch to help me raise funds with an idea of a crazy hair day on 17th November which is the same week I am planning the big chop.

“Your child may decide to come in with green spikey hair, space hopper buns, glittery curls or maybe just a funny headband bopper! All we ask is that your child brings a £1 donation in with them on the day.

“Thank you so much! And I promise there will be photos to follow of how the big chop went”.

So be sure to support Frankie on her journey by having your little one come in with crazy hair and a £1 donation on November 17th!

Speak to your nursery manager for more information or if you’d like to share the cause on social media or make a donation online you can click here.


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