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February - a seasonal guide for under 5s

February Seasonal Guide

Welcome to our February guide!


At the start of each month, we’ll be posting an all you need to know guide filled with seasonal activity ideas, ways to develop learning at home, storybooks to share and so much more.


Let’s jump straight into our February guide.


Hello February

About February


We’ve reached the second month of the year! February is the shortest month of the year, typically lasting 28 days. 2024 is a leap year so February has an extra day, making it last 29 days.


Leap years are in place to keep our planet in alignment with the seasons as the Earth takes 365.2422 days to orbit the sun, making our typical year of 365 days just short of Earth’s actual movement. To make up for this we add an extra day in February roughly every 4 years.


February comes from the Latin word Februa, which roughly translates to ‘to cleanse’ from its religious roots of Roman purification festivals, which promote good health for the year ahead.


This month there are some amazing events happening including Pancake Day, Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year – we’ve included resources on celebrating these with your little one below.



February Calendar













Recipes to try

Fluffy Pancakes Recipe

Valentine's Day Themed Jam Tarts

Love Bug Biscuits

Chinese New Year Recipes



This month's activities are all about celebrating some of the amazing events taking place! Below we've linked activity compilations which celebrate some of our favourite special days.

DIY Birdbox

Pancake Day Activities

Valentines Day Activities

Science Activities

Chinese New Year activities

Child playing

Dental Activities

Child Outdoors in winter


Books to read


Parents Reading with Child

Storybooks are an amazing resource for learning and development. They help develop listening and communication skills, improve concentration, help children visualise topics and new ideas and create a sense of wonder about the world around them.

Here are some of our picks for this month:

Celebrate Children's Mental Health Week with amazing storybooks by clicking here.


Click here for some great February and winter-themed books.

Celebrate International Day of Women & Girls in Science with these science-based storybooks - click here.

Have fun on Tell a Fairy Tale Day with these lovely fairy tales and traditional stories from around the world - click here.

Additional resources






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