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Happy World Bee Day!

We all know a little bit about climate change, something about the weather, something about bugs maybe…

But did you know each year on May 20th is World Bee Day to raise awareness for the importance of bees and global warming.

It took three years for Slovenia’s cause to be recognised but finally in 2017 the UN established it as an official world day.

Bees aren’t just one of the world’s major pollinators, which ensures we actually have food, sustainable agriculture and biodiversity.

They also contribute significantly to the slowing of climate change and environmental conservation.

To put It simply, in the long-term the protection of bees and the beekeeping sector can help reduce poverty and hunger, as well as preserve the environment.

Unfortunately, studies have shown us that bees have become endangered - 10% of all bees are facing extinction.

This is due to air pollution, pesticides, habitat destruction amongst other factors that unfortunately humans have all caused.

So, we need to do everything and anything possible to protect the bees!

There are a variety of ways in which you can help:

1. Grow a bee friendly garden.

Click here for more information on how you can do this.

2. See a bee? Give it some sugar water on a spoon

This will help them re-gain energy for a long trip home.

3. Eat sustainable honey.

You’ll still be able to find these at a local supermarket.

4. Donate

Click here to find out how!


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