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National Superhero Day

Happy National Superhero Day everyone!

It has truly been a tough year for everyone – we’ve all made sacrifices, staying at home, not seeing family, wearing face masks. But even in the face of adversity we’ve managed to stay strong.

The past year has really been difficult but with the help and support of our local superheroes we’ve been able push through and continue to do our best each and every day.

So, on National Superhero Day we want to shine a light on these heroes who have helped us get through tough times.

Here at the Butterfly Patch, we believe that without them we would be lost!

The heroes we want to shine a spotlight on are particularly close to us: our nursery practitioners and managers.

Our team has been there for our little ones and their families since long before the pandemic begun.

They put in everything they have into each and every day, we can always count on them and know they always do their very best.

They have achieved so much; we are so incredibly proud of our team and thankful to have every one of them.

You can find out more about our wonderful team on our team page!

But this doesn’t just go for our wonderful Butterfly Patch team; this goes for every early year’s practitioner out there – each of you are truly heroic and we can’t thank you enough.

We also want to give a shoutout to the amazing NHS staff who have put their lives on hold to help manage the pandemic and save countless lives. We will be forever thankful for everything you have done and always do for all of us.

Happy National Superhero Day.


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