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Nursery Guide: registering for a nursery place

Deciding when to send your child to nursery isn’t always easy, especially if you’re registering for the first time.

With so many nurseries and childcare options out there, making the decision can feel a little overwhelming.

The best piece of advice we can offer to anyone thinking about childcare is to start your search early – give yourself as much time as possible to make this important decision.

Although for most providers you won’t have to wait for a new term before your little one can attend, there is no such thing as too soon as many nurseries have waiting lists.

Why should I start looking as early as possible?

At our nurseries, children join at various stages, but the majority will begin when they are under 2 years old.

To put this more into context, baby rooms tend to be the smallest rooms within a nursery. It’s a choice that nurseries make as it ensures that looking after the youngest children is manageable.

However, this tends to mean that there are fewer spaces available in these rooms over toddler or pre-school rooms.

For instance, as of posting this Sept 2022, the majority of our nurseries have no baby spaces available with waiting lists open for 2023.

So, even if you’re still in your pregnancy, it’s important to start your childcare search and enquire about spaces as soon as possible.

When you enquire in advance, it gives you the best chance to secure a space and avoid disappointment.

What is the registration process for a nursery?

Each nursery is different so it’s important to get in touch directly. But here is our registration process:

1. Arrange a nursery tour

The best way to make your initial enquiry is to arrange a visit to your preferred nursery. If this is with us, you can click here. Other nurseries may ask you to call them to book this.

2. During your visit

During the nursery tour, the manager will give you further information on the registration process and the spaces available.

Be sure to ask any and all questions you might have regarding the nursery.

3. Completing your registration form

Following your nursery visit, the manager will share a link to an online registration form. In other nurseries, this may be in person.

Once you’ve submitted this, the manager will receive a copy of your responses to review your requirements and let you know if they’re able to accommodate this for your selected start time.

Please note, your place won’t be confirmed until the nursery manager gets in touch to confirm.


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