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Our South Norwood nursery responds to LTN's by planting pollution absorbing hedges

Our South Norwood nursery will be planting pollution absorbing hedges to negate some of the negative effects the new Active Travel regulations have on the local area.

This comes after the local authority introduced new low traffic neighbourhoods (LTN’s) in South Norwood without consulting the local community. This resulted in a huge increase in congestion and so car emissions, negatively affecting the pollution levels around the nursery and local area.

Our director has commented: “The LTN’s have forced local traffic to the main roads and therefore past our nursery, this includes trucks and buses which are the worst polluters with large diesel engines.

“These LTN’s have forced traffic from wealthier parts of South Norwood to less affluent parts which have disproportionally affected ethnic minorities and low-income families. Affecting health and the ability to learn, work, earn and rest.

“So, for the welfare of our staff and children, we are planting a shrub called Cotoneaster Franchetti, which is the best hedging for negating the effect car exhaust pollution has on the air”.

You can find more information about the hedges being planted by clicking here.



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