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Remembrance Day Poppy Craft

War is a difficult subject to cover with children, but as poppies are a common sight leading up to Remembrance Day, they can provide a good starting point.

We have put together a guide to make your own poppy (using a potato?!), as well as a few resources to help your little one understand and commemorate Remembrance Day.

For this poppy craft you will need:

· Potato

· Red Paint

· Button (or black paint)

· Green ice lolly stick/craft stick

· Green card or paper or paint

STEP 1: Get your supplies ready

Before beginning this poppy craft, get all your supplies ready!

You will need to cut the potato that you will be using to print with in half (you can also cut a handle into the top of the potato to stop the potato slipping when printing).

You also need to spread out some paint on some card or paper to easily dip your potato into when stamping.

STEP 2: Make potato prints

Dip the potato into red paint and make 2 prints, 1 slightly above the other. Younger toddlers or pre-schoolers may need a little help with positioning before making their prints.

STEP 3: Add a button or paint the middle

Make the centre of your poppy craft by gluing on a black button (or paint it using your finger) and then leave your poppy to dry!

STEP 4: Add a leaf and stem

Once your poppy is dry you can take the craft in 2 different directions.

You can either - cut the poppy out and glue on a stem and a leaf (using an ice lolly stick and green card), this way you and your little one can wear these with pride.

OR you can make artwork! Paint on the leaf and stem and you’re done!

Other Remembrance Day resources

· CBeebies have created a beautiful animation following a young rabbit that

introduces the idea of Remembrance Day and explains the significance of the poppy to younger children. Click here to watch it.

There are also a wide range of other activities related to Remembrance Day you can take part in with your little one. Here are a few:

· Red Ted Art Remembrance Day Activities – click here to check it out.

· CBC Parents 5 Remembrance Day Activities – click here to check it out.

· HuffPost’s guide for Toddler activities – click here to check it out.


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