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The Ultimate Guide to celebrating the Olympics with your little one!

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Here at The Butterfly Patch, we love the Olympics!

There is something wonderful about watching nations come together to cheer on a common cause.

Hearing inspiring stories about athletes who have beaten the odds is amazing!

When learning about the Olympics or celebrating with your little one at home, it's more fun when you incorporate crafts, snacks and activities!

So, with the following guides you can host your own mini-Olympics at home!

Activity guides

  • Living Room Olympics - create your own Olympics from the comfort of your living room!

  • Straw Javelin Throw - javelin throw with your little one!? Here's a great way to have fun safely!

  • Garden Olympics - got an outdoor space? These garden Olympic ideas are ideal for a sunny day.

Craft guides

  • Salt Dough Olympic Medals - these hand made Olympic medals are a wonderful addition to at-home games!

  • Olympic Rings Craft - get creative with these ring crafts (tried and tested in our nurseries).

  • Olympic Hand Printing - getting messy is making memories!


  • Edible Olympic Rings - a yummy and healthy Olympic inspired snack!

  • Olympic Cookies - a sweeter snack you can make with your little one!

  • Mini Rice Cake Snacks - another healthy and delicious recipe for a well earned snack break!


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