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We’re taking part in Pyjamarama!

Our Croydon nursery is participating in Pyjamarama!

Your little ones can attend our nursery in their pyjamas this Thursday (20th May) to raise awareness and funds for Book Trust.

A day spent in PJs?! Sign me up!

But what is the Book Trust?

Reading is vital in child development. It aids in learning new words and improving concentration and listening skills as well as many others important qualities. All of which are vital in our everyday adult lives.

This is why each year, Book Trust reaches 3.9 million children across the UK with books, resources and support through health centres, libraries, schools and early years settings.

In short, The Book Trust:

· Distributes 3.3 million books to families across England, Wales and Northern Ireland,

· Reaches disadvantaged children in their early years in over 95% of English local authorities

· Provides books in 35 different languages

· Reached 180,000 users in the past year through HomeTime, their online resource for families during lockdown

So now you know that the Book Trust is an incredibly important foundation, who help all children, no matter their circumstances, develop their reading and listening skills.

This is why we are participating and asking you to join in and contribute!

There are two things you can do:

Share our cause! Put it all over your social media and call others to share and


If your child wishes to wear their PJs to our Croydon nursery on Thursday, we ask for a minimum £1.50 donation. You can contact our nursery manager Seema to discuss donating.


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