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Week 2 in Morden

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Thursday 8th

Today we took a short walk. We left with no items.

Doing this will clearly show how comfortable the little ones are toward the forest as they have no devices to play with… but the forest is at their disposal! Staff modelled various ways to interact with the forest (mainly with non-walkers). Walkers had free reign.

Without prompt, they initiated the curriculum; by climbing, gathering, exploring, using natural resources to sweep, and hit other objects.

We found samaras, throwing them up and screaming "helicopter!" and a small group of children dug with sticks to find worms. We conducted distance training when possible and helped the non-walkers to take as many steps as possible before they sat down.

Friday 9th

Fruit foragers! As the season progresses, we are noticing more fruit. The plan was to venture into different areas, collecting a variety of fruit to compare colour, size and function. (Children were told that no fruits were to be eaten today). We set course to the Mother Tree woods. The outer perimeter is surrounded by blackthorns that bare sloeberries.

Blackthorns are on our lists of dangers as they have thorns, so children had to be tactical in their forage. I explained that they are usually blueish in colour but are not yet ripe. From there we went to Berrylands.

When in season we pick blackberries from here. Children identified the flora as brambles and most remembered what they bare.

We told them they grow from green, to red to black - mentioning we should only eat them when black. Walking across toward Cave 1, we found a copper plum tree. Here we picked cherry plums. At Cave 1 we found green plums, more red cherry plums, elderberries and hawthorn berries. After a copious amount of foraging we gathered what we had into a pot to take back to nursery.

The children were then free to roam as we traversed. We lowered our levels to seek out chirping crickets, cohesively lifted a large branch and galloped through the long grass playing. "The dragon's coming!" Brilliant morning!

Monday 12th

It didn't come home... but It's the journey that counts!

We do our best to install teamwork, determination and persistence here. Those qualities were on full show throughout the euro campaign. Today we decided to show our gratitude to those players. A new mountain was piled in front of the nursery, this one made of mud.

We created flags to place on top showing our support even with the loss. Children drew red crosses on white paper, then stuck pieces of white tack on sticks to finally create an England flag.

We experimented with the other two Rubble mountains and children found that due to conditions they had solidified, making it difficult to place flags. Children carefully climbed the muddy mountain placing their flags down. The soft consistency of the mound forced children into texture touches as their feet would sometimes sink inside. After we planned to go for a walk until lightning struck, meaning we had to abandon the session.

Inside, we explained and demonstrated why we must return to nursery if caught in a storm.

Children learned that metal is a conductor, lightening is attracted to high points such as trees and that strikes can cause fires and people to get hurt.

A short but inspiring adventure this morning!

Tuesday 13th

Our little adventurers took part in a great journey travelling through several areas immersing in different tasks. Firstly, we conquered the muddy mountain.

From the rain, the soil was soft and squidgy. Some children at first felt wayward toward this but did well to continue.

We brought out the tools so they could engage in independent digging and scoping etc. Being close to the puddles, allowed for a free flow between that and the mountain. We left and headed to the river jump area (RJA). We purposely took the path with dangers growing across.

Children had to maneuver carefully. Some used their initiative, crawling under, moving and stepping over brambles. At RJA we did our usual... children walked down the narrow path to the river either trust jumping in or descending down to then climb to the other side. We visited the ‘Mother tree’ but it was defaced by litter. We spoke briefly on that and walked round as the entrance we intended was overgrown.

At the front entrance we showed children sloe berries growing from a blackthorn bush, we then entered, remembering to keep watch for dangers.

We sat and had snack before we made our way back to nursery.

The children are showing their versatility. They adapt well to the areas they’re in, initiating their own play and retaining information from past activities to utilise in the present. Amazing stuff! Very proud.

Wednesday 14th

RIPPLING RIVER WALK! Here we go again... Children independently (if possible) descended down into the water. Some tested their climbing and jumping skills using alternate routes back up.

We visited the ‘2 troll’s homes’ along the way, sighting fish and plenty other aquatic life & flora. Dangers were protruding from all angles! Children had to duck and use high legs to escape such obstacles.

Reaching the River jump area, we were excited to have a morning snack.

After we played 'the floor is lava' on the big white cricket side screens, we shared the spray bottles to have a water fight! A wonderful wet morning!


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