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Welcome to The Butterfly Patch blog!

This is our very first post and we are so excited to begin this journey with you.

Below is a little bit about us and our values as well as some information on our brand new website and blog.

About us

At The Butterfly Patch, our ethos is to enrich the lives of children through education experiences, awe and wonder. Their welfare and safeguarding is at the heart of everything we do.

We have created a safe and comforting environment where children feel encouraged to develop positive relationships, grow in confidence, and feel happy to learn through their new experiences.

Our team are passionate about your little individuals’ holistic development and dedicated to supporting each child's unique needs at every step of their learning journey with us.

Our values

Our learning ethos is based on four core values: Environment, Learning, Individualism and Safeguarding. We aim to provide a safe learning environment that encourages individualism, creativity and exploration which we believe are all key to a little individuals development.

Our mission going forward is to continue spreading our message and do more both in person and online to inspire, motivate and inform.

Click here for further information about our learning ethos and mission!

About our website

Our brand-new website has been catered specifically for you. We wanted to make sure it is easy to navigate, represents us and to provide all the information you need whether your little one is with us, you’re considering joining or just browsing!

You’ll be able to find out all about our nurseries, book a show around or just browse around our blog – all using our menu bar above!

On each page you will also be able to find different images all from our wonderful locations. Click here to head over to our home page gallery – this will change weekly to reflect activities and special days.

What post can you expect to find

Our blog will aim to mirror our values and mission. We plan to write on a wide range of topics - these will include creative activity ideas to aid learning and play at home, recipes promoting healthy eating as well as some more serious issues which we believe need more awareness such as mental health and women’s health issues.

We hope you will join us on this journey – we promise to keep these short and interesting!

If you have any comments, topics you’d like to see, or questions post them below.


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